Why was PEaCE created?

« In the 21st century, a quality education is an international education »

Anne Duncan – US Former Secretary of Education, 2015

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In today’s global society, it is essential for higher education institutions not only to create opportunities for their students to go abroad but to make internationalization a strategic priority.  We are all aware that internationalization is an institutional imperative, not just a desirable possibility but the road is not easy and the perfect model for internationalization is not always accessible.
To build a strong international commitment, many institutions would dream of  opening their own campus abroad.  Having an address in another country allow your students, faculty and researchers to address local, regional and global needs while providing a world-class education. It also shows that you are an institution with global ambitions and therefore raises your reputation and your prestige. But whether it is a limited knowledge of foreign education systems, a limited global network or some type of financial and administrative constraints, overseas initiatives often face many obstacles and it seems like only a very small number of universities had access to it in the past.


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With the commitment to international programming comes contraints. Many institutions choose to work with providers so they don’t have to deal with those constraints that come with experiences abroad for their  students or faculty. But using providers doesn’t engage your institution strategically and will often mean very limited interactions with the locals and with institutions abroad.  It  has no positive impact on the prestige of your institution or on creating a global campus or network. PEaCE is your solution to raise your international reputation, build a successful international culture while choosing what is best for your students and faculty.
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PEaCE is your collaborative campus-hub.  Not only PEaCE allows your university to have an address in Paris but it will offer a truly Parisian experience to your students and faculty. With your membership, you will benefit from the best services. Our team will accompany you in the years to come to make your global strategy a reality. 
Our expertise, at your service, extends from formation of unique inter-institutional collaborations and partnerships to curriculum design as well as top quality services for your students, researchers and staff with exclusive benefits to enhance their stay in the city of lights.
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