Why creating a World-Class Hub for you?



Nowadays, there are 200 million students worldwide, and nearly 5 million of them are enrolled in university-level education outside their home country. This number represents more than a tripling of global international student enrollment since 1990 but is still very low. 
By 2025, it will double.
As economic, innovation, business and cultural networks stretch across the whole globe, opportunities to study, teach or do research abroad have become a necessity more than a luxury.
Institutions all over the world realize the need to refocus their efforts.  They have to ensure that a greater number and more diverse group of students and faculty has the opportunity to enjoy a meaningful study experience abroad. Unfortunately, they often get discouraged by the risks that come with giving such opportunity.



Hard to believe; but the rewards are much greater than the risks.
The global skills, knowledge, and experiences that are gained while getting an experience abroad have a profound impact on a student’s life.
They have a stronger ability to compete and collaborate with graduates from around the world and produce a more culturally informed citizenry.
And we know you are aware of many more rewards when it comes to internationalization!
But we also realize that even if internationalization is part of most of universities’ strategic plans, many who are touched by globalization are new to the subject and not familiar with its concepts, language, objectives and methods.  Others with experience in particular arenas of international programming are struggling with the increasing demands and expectations of their students & faculty.
Institutions are too often unwittingly creating roadblocks that discourage, rather than encourage, students and faculty from pursuing experience abroad.
Overseas initiatives often face a number of challenges that are difficult to overcome. Those obstacles may be :
  • Demanding Curricula
  • Financial & Administrative contraints
  • Limited knowledge of other educational systems
  • Limited global network
  • Fear of heavy commitment
  • And many more
To deal with these constraints, universities seek the help of third party providers. But this solution is often expensive and doesn’t reflect the values, programs and strategy of those institutions.  By using this method, institutions have no way to impact the choices and decisions made by the providers. Moreover, there is no positive impact on their prestige, their brand or their ability to build a truly global network.


With PEaCE, your institution will:

Become more international in its outlook

Become a major player in this internationalized world of Higher Ed

Share its quality, its innovation capacity, its international impact worldwide

Embrace new opportunities