We are YOU!

Being a member of PEaCE gives you access to:

Your address in Paris

An exclusive network of partners (Academic & Business)

High quality tailor-made services

Professional international staff

  We put OUR expertise and professionalism at YOUR service




PEaCE centers are collaborative workplaces designed to increase productivity, promote innovation and create more opportunities for international collaboration.
PEaCE gives you the keys to YOUR ADDRESS in Paris with all necessary facilities to fully support your people:
  • independent or shared offices for professors and researchers
  • work and recreational space for students and faculty to enjoy
  • conference rooms, meeting rooms and class rooms
  • staff available 24/7

PEaCE is your white label global partner: You will be able to rebrand just about everything we do.

And we will make it easy for you !
You communicate on YOUR address with your logo, YOUR identity and YOUR partners.



Your PEaCE center will allow you to profit from high quality tailor-made services to fit your logistical needs and projects and make sure your students and faculty are well taken care of.


PEaCE will give you the ideal working conditions to reach your international goals and to create

PEaCE staff will be working hand in hand with you in order to define your needs and satisfy all your wishes.
You will benefit from:
  • Outstanding on-site staff that will become YOUR STAFF: they will know your university, your specificities and will always make sure that your students and faculty feel right at home on your Parisian campus.
  • Individual support:  From personal academic advisors and work methodology for your students to translation of academic credits earned.
  • Offices and shared-spaces with staff that will provide your stakeholders with services from A to Z :  transportation, housing, visas, insurance, WI-FI, phone and much more.  Our/Your staff answer every practical information your students or faculty might request.
  • A catalog of programs for which France is a reference such as architecture, arts, gastronomy, fashion, luxury, international relations, hospitality management, environmental sciences, etc. as well as tailor-made academic programs based on your needs.
  • a catalog of unique experiences with our labelled partners to make sure you enhance the personal and professional development of your students, lecturers and other high education staff through educational visits, unusual sightseeing tours, internships, volunteering experiences, etc.



Because PEaCE is not another provider, we make sure your membership at PEaCE