Why is PEaCE unique?


Another way to say it: we take care of everything for you!



PEaCE will be YOUR Campus  in the heart of an international hub


  • To be seen as a global institution
  • To enhance the prestige of your institution
  • To open your students and faculty to new perspectives
  • To build a necessary international network
  • To expand your global network from academic to professional including alumni
  • To be consider for Top Rankings
  • To have the ability to compete for new students and resources
  • To develop innovative global projects
  • To enrich human capital
  • To prepare your students to the world they will be living in
  • To build an academic network with prestigious university
  • It even has an impact on retention, GPA or Alumni engagement: Studies report that study abroad student earned higher grades and completed degrees in 4 years at a higher rate than their peers.


  • Be located in the 1st location for Higher Education in Europe
  • Be present in the city that counts the most universities in the international rankings. Work with top universities and schools including Business, Engineering, Art and Design, as well as research labs.
  • Get in touch with accredited and world-known French Universities and Schools to:
      • Sign collaborative & capacity-building partnerships
      • Develop international research and joint projects
      • Create tailor-made programs for your students 
      • Develop innovative learning and teaching methods
      • Stimulate entrepreneurship and creativity across all disciplines
  • Allow your professors to teach, interact and do research in the heart of Europe
  • Give a chance to your students to blur the lines between inside and outside the classroom, to get a new angle on their field of studies, to live with and learn from people of different values, beliefs, and celebrations than their own.
  • Welcome friends and alumni of the university in your new ‘Home Away From Home’
  • Benefit from stronger community ties;
…and communities that benefit from students’ fresh ideas