Why Paris is the best location


PEaCE will be located in the heart of Europe, in Paris, France

You will be in the best place

France has one of the most renowned education system and Paris was named second city to study in the world in 2017.

The French education system


France is not only the first tourist destination in the world, but it is also a world reference in Higher Education. Whether you enroll at a university or at a Grande Ecole, you will benefit from high quality academics as well as one of the most financially accessible systems of higher education: tuition fees at the leading universities in France are among the lowest in the world.
The country’s strong academic, intellectual and artistic tradition are probably what makes the French education system so great. There are few countries that invest as much in research and education and such investment reflects in global university rankings: a total of 39 French universities are included in the QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017, 10 of which are within the global top 250.
With more than 300,000 foreign students enrolled in its universities, France is ranked among the best countries to study by students in mobility. It is also the runner-up country which welcomes Erasmus students.
France has a unique position within the international educational landscape. The country is in a predicament due to the international higher education market’s increasing focus on English-speaking coursework. To help counteract this trend, universities and Grandes Ecoles offer academic programs in English. But learning French and taking courses related to your studies in French won’t hurt. In fact, French is the official language of 29 countries and of many international entities (such as the United Nations). This can help prepare students and faculty to work in many international and multinational capacities.  

Paris: Top city to study in the world

Paris was elected second-best University City in the world in 2017! It is the home of 17 public institutions with varying specializations and several prestigious Grandes Ecoles that provide high quality programs and excellent options for international students. A large number of universities worldwide would like to offer to their students and faculty the opportunity to study and do research in Paris. Several prestigious American institutions, such as New York University, Columbia University or Chicago University, already have offices and/or a campus in the city of lights.
You will also find in Paris business professionals, researchers, scientists, artists, fashion designers, and others that are amongst the most respected and well-known globally. By studying subjects for which France is a reference, students can join the ranks of people making their mark on the global scene.

French Style « très chic »

Paris is known for its unique way of life as well. Smelling fresh baked bread and pastries, eating a croissant or a pain au chocolat for breakfast, sitting on a ‘terrasse’ sipping a cup of coffee and reading your favorite book, ducking into a restaurant to enjoy some of the world’s most delicious meals and ending the day with friends around a glass of wine and a plate of cheese are habits you will find hard to say goodbye to!
Known as the capital of culture, art and fashion, Paris is visually stunning. While wandering down its streets, you will come across beautiful buildings with an architecture and history like no other.  It is in fact the home to 206 museums and a total of 2,185 monuments that you will be able to visit as you wish!
Moreover, here is the icing on the cake: Paris is in the heart of Europe, which means that it is approximately 2-hours away by train or flight from major European cities and capitals such as London, Brussels, Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, etc…