How to become an exclusive member?

PEaCE is designed to create a diverse, interactive, global environment for all members.
PEaCE offers an international experience for staff and students, or new teaching and research opportunities that strengthened YOUR home campus.
Our team will become your team and will actively identify your needs and collaborate with your academic units, academic advisers, student service and support units as well as campus leaders to reduce all barriers and to make sure your entire campus is committed to internationalization.

                      The goal is to expand study abroad participation                                           and global collaboration with the ideal partners.

PEaCE will partner with curricular committees and academic units to connect your programs in France and your partnerships with your institutional learning outcomes and your expectations & requirements.
PEaCe will be teaming with your campus-based support & academic units to prepare students, faculty and staff for successful study abroad experiences and maximizing desired outcomes.
PEaCE will collaborate and align institutional research thrusts and priorities to opportunities to enhance institutional research stature and outcomes through partnerships and collaborations with the right institution in France.




  • A place for your stakeholders to call « Home away from Home » with your logo on the walls.
  • Modern and high-tech spaces open to all at anytime
  • Professional staff  available 24/7 & able to understand your needs and expectations
  • A white-label communication 
  • An academic network to help you develop the right partnerships
  • A network of Businesses to help your people feel at home
  • High level services
  • An audit of your global strategy : PEaCE staff will come on campus to understand your specificities and to develop the right strategy for your new campus in Paris.


  • Tailor-made programs build around your strategy mixed with pre-packaged programs.
  • Unique experiences for your students and faculty from internships & top conferences to unusual visits or trips.
  • Opportunities to organize specific symposiums or meetings to interact with researchers and professionals.

And much more as we give our members the personal attention you deserve.



  • From accomodations to insurance
  • From transportation to sport & leisure
  • From credit transfer to French classes
  • From visa requirements to safety & security

Our team will be there for you.


Being member of PEaCE means numerous benefits for your institution and for each of your stakeholder.  We will make sure we understand your specifications so you really feel at Home adding a unique French Touch to your institution!